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Monday, September 22, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - end of summer grilling

Last week's menu was pretty basic, and even with the craziness of cleaning up after the wind storm and taking food to my dear daycare provider (who at last contact was still without power-ugh!), we made everything on the menu. The only thing that didn't go according to plan was that EmDee took all the beef and noodles for lunches during the week, so Wednesday became BLT day (yum!) and Thursday we ended up ordering pizza since there was a great special and not as many leftovers as I had counted on.

The pumpkin/banana pancakes turned out to just be pumpkin pancakes (still good, but oh I was missing that banana!) because the grocery stores in our area were still largely without power and I ran out of bananas before Friday. I used this recipe, substituted pumpkin puree for the oil (3 heaping tablespoons) and added about 1 tsp of pumpkin spice. The bananas were supposed to be in place of the blueberries or chocolate chips called for in the original recipe. We will definitely make these again - delish!

We wanted to have at least one more big grill out as the summer comes to a close, so this week's menu is largely centered around the food we grilled Sunday afternoon. Since it's MPM Family Favorites edition and I'm not really making much, I thought I'd include this link again to one of my all time favorites, Million $ Spaghetti.

Lunches: creamy chicken rice, salad, yogurt

Monday: Grilled chicken salads, tomatoes and cottage cheese, frozen yogurt milkshakes
Tuesday: Brats and oven fries
Wednesday: hamburgers, mac n cheese, side salad
Thursday: grilled chicken Parmesan
Friday: Mexican rice skillet

If the Mexican rice skillet goes as scheduled and is good, I'll post the recipe next week!
For more menu plans, stop by OrgJunkie. Have a great week!

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Mommychicky said...

Hope the Mexican Rice Skillet goes well - I just love one pot meals. Thanks for sharing.

Frugal Finds said...

I will be over for the milkshakes tonight!!

mommy2twinkies-Deb said...

Thanks for your comments about my marathoning! Just want to let you know that I linked to you and your Million $ Spaghetti today. It was amazing!

Amy said...

That sounds like a yummy menu!! I hope the Mexican Rice Skillet is good too so you can share the recipe :)

Micah and Katie said...

Thanks for checking out my blog. I have read yours a couple of times and enjoy your recipes. Thanks for the sweet potato burritos they will be on next weeks menu for sure!

Tricia said...

Lots of delicious-sounding menus here that I'm making note of. I'd love a Mecican Rice Skillet, but only if it doesn't include onion :o)

The Happy Housewife said...

Oh yum, that spaghetti casserole sounds delish! I think my whole family would like that one!

outdoorgriller said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
outdoorgriller said...

Those are some good ideas for recipes.There are some good tips and recipes for the grill at www.cookingandgrillinoutdoors.com

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

I do hope the mexican rice skillet turns out well, and I will be sure to try it so I can (hopefully) share the recipe next week!

The milkshake was wonderful, frugal finds - hubs makes great ones! It was actually all I ended up eating because I've come down with the cold that's going around...

Thanks, outdoorgriller, I will be sure to check that out! We love to grill!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh my gosh- pumpkin pancakes sound wonderful!!