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Monday, September 15, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - Ike Style

MPM is running a bit late this week due to Ike's visit yesterday. The news was reporting 180,000 people in our immediate area without power this morning, including us. Later today I heard the electric company site the number at 582,000 - I'm not sure how much larger of an area they were referencing, but it's safe to say it's a mess! We are one of the lucky few with power restored. {{taking note for gratitude list this coming Sunday}}

Still not sure if we're going to have power consistently over the course of this week, but I've put together this week's menu plan and most of the cooking has been completed. First, a review of last week. I just realized in last week's MPM post there was a typo {{blushing}} rather than chicken and rice twice, we had both chicken and rice and chicken and noodles - both were delish! The sweet potato burritos were addictive, excellent flavor! I added a mix of black and kidney beans, cut the water by 1/2 and when I make them again I would add bell pepper to the bean mixture. I would definitely recommend this recipe to anyone who was interested when they saw it. I made extra, so all this week for lunch we're having them!

Now, on to this week's menu, dinners only since my breakfasts are totally consistent and unimaginative and I just mentioned what's for lunch...

Monday: spaghetti (after picking up a million sticks in our yard with Sweetpea on my hip and EmDee at my side, I didn't have the energy for anything else - sigh)
Tuesday: taco salad
Wednesday: beef and noodles on mashed potatoes
Thursday: leftovers
Friday: breakfast for dinner - pumpkin/banana pancakes!
As a side note, doing what effectively is a couple hundred squats with a toddler on your hip is fabulous exercise...
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Octamom said...

gonna have to try the pumpkin/banana pancakes--what recipe did you use?

So glad that you have power back up--our extended family went through a bad ice storm last Christmas and it drove several of them to purchase generators...


Jen said...

Glad to hear that you got your power back...all of our Cincy friends spent most of the week dealing with the mess.

And I love pumpkin pancakes - never thought to add bananas to them! Will have to try it!