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Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Funnies - slightly rambling but I do get to my point edition

As you have probably heard me mention a few times this week, we had a crazy unusual wind storm Sunday courtesy of hurricane Ike. After some initial repositioning of loose deck furniture, we hunkered down and marveled at the true “force of nature” that we were witnessing. Lucky for us, we didn’t lose power until later that night. After the winds had blown past us and things were settling down, we decided to take a drive and survey the extent of the damage. We knew the power outages were significant, because everyone in our family was without power, and EmDee’s family is an hour and a half away from us!

So off we went, on a little adventure to see what wreckage Ike had left behind. Right off the bat, there were several large trees down in neighboring yards, and one unlucky resident of our street had significant roof damage where a tree had fallen into their home. The golf course just north of us had limbs everywhere and a large section of tree now occupying one of the main water hazards. A church further down the road had a tree leaning into it, but did not seem to have structural damage. All of the traffic signals were out. All of the gas stations and businesses were without power. Two “drive thru” stores were operational on a cash and carry basis with significant lines – both were sold out of ice.

Finished with our little loop through town, we headed home. We took a detour through some neighborhoods and as we came back to the main drag in the middle of town, there he was – are you ready for this?

Are you sure you’re ready for this?

We were at a stop sign. Immediately, EmDee and I both looked at each other and cried, “Where’s the camera?” Sadly, dear readers, I had forgotten it at home, and I DO mean sadly. Down the street came an older man…on a UNICYCLE, cigarette in one hand, and a bag of supplies from the cash and carry down the street in the other hand. I can’t make this stuff up! Can you imagine him waiting in that crazy long line, trying to balance, on a UNICYCLE?

Tuesday on my way back home I saw the guy again. I’ve done my best to Photoshop the scene back together for you, but of course it isn't quite the same. I took the photo(s) with my cell phone, so they are a bit grainy.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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monica said...

Where do you live? My family is in southern Louisiana. Ike didn't pose the same threat as Gustav for them, but the town I grew up in flooded in places that never flooded before following Ike. My family was nervous for a few days! Luckily none of them got water in their house.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the truth? The funniest stuff is what you can't make up! Blessings, Whitney