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Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday Funnies

So I ran this photo past some of the engineers I work with, and many of them didn't find anything wrong with this picture...I guess that shouldn't surprise me?! Anyway, I was pumping gas yesterday next to this guy, and bless his heart he was cracking me up with those black socks pulled up as far as they would go and the black dress shoes with the knit shorts. Normally I would link this to Fight the Frump at Fussypant's guide to life, but I think Allie's too busy with all that is going on this week to post that segment. Have you come across any funny fashion statements this week? If so, I'd love to hear them!

As a follow up to last week's funny signs post, I passed this sign at our local golf course (a popular spot for parties, weddings and the like)

Close/Call Wedding
I'm thinking if that was me, I'd have chosen instead to declare
Mr. & Mrs. Call
Have a wonderful weekend, all!

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HeatherPride said...

Oh, poor guy! I haven't run into any fashion blunders lately (even my poor, color blind husband has done well this week!).

Have a good weekend!

Milk Mama said...

OH my goodness that's pretty funny. :D

Oh it's always awesome to come across other extended nursers. :D Anna is 21 months and nurses 2 times a day (unless we're out of milk, then it's more lol)... :D Happy 18 months to your daughter and you! That's such an awesome milestone! We're not too far from 2 years here. It's kind of insane and hard to believe!

Kelsey said...

Ah yes that looks like my father haha