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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday

The project I was hoping to tackle this week was our dining room table. Thanks to the many friends who gave me great suggestions during the reverse WFMW a few weeks ago, I’ve managed to beat back the laundry that was taking over my dining room table!! After it was all gone, I realized we have a paper problem that was hiding underneath…so my project for this week was going to be organizing my files and such that should either be thrown away or filed somewhere. Then came that nasty Ike and his 65mph winds, and now I have a new project – pick up sticks! Somehow this game was a lot more fun when I was a kid. Nonetheless, EmDee and I were out all yesterday afternoon picking up any sizeable sticks that had blown down in the wind. There is now a looming brush pile in our back yard! We still have a little bit of work to do, but for the most part everything is back in good shape. We lost half of a small cherry tree and a large limb from a huge tree in our backyard. We have our power restored, and I’m so thankful the beautiful trees that dwarf our home were able to survive.

I’m amazed at the power of the storm here in the Midwest, humbled once again by the power of nature, and praying for those on the coast dealing with much bigger problems than we are here. I have a very funny story about our trip to survey the damage Sunday night that I’ll share on Friday, and if you’re interested to see how I (plan to) conquer the paper stop back next Tuesday!

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1 comment:

Amydeanne said...

paper is always an issue for me! and i know all about losing the table! great tackle!