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Saturday, September 6, 2008

My baby is a year and a half old!

To my dear Sweetpea, as you turn 18 months old,

I sit here scratching my head.
Where did my tiny little baby go?

How did you so completely capture my heart, right from the very second I saw you?

That said, how is it possible that each and every day I love you more?

You are becoming such a big girl, so independent and smart. You have loved this summer for the endless opportunities to explore and discover the outdoors - the first thing you say to me in the morning is "go out?"

You love to dance, and you take every opportunity. Anything with a beat is fare game, even the sound of the dog lapping water (and I'm not making that up, silly girl!) can get you moving. You know "Ring around the Rosy" and you can even sing some of it while you dance in a circle and fall down. Sometimes at night I hear you singing it to yourself in your crib and it makes me smile.

You are a happy little girl, quick with a smile and a laugh, good natured through and through. You are starting to show us your stubborn streak, but can easily be brought around with a tickle or a song. You are sweet and loving, hugging a crying friend, doling out kisses freely to me and your daddy, and patting us on the back when we hold you.

You seem to have inherited my affinity for shoes already, your shoes, my shoes, daddy's shoes - you put them on your feet, your hands, your dolls. You like to pick out clothes and are already insistent at times about your wardrobe. Surprisingly, you are pretty good at matching things, and even when you aren't you still look adorable.

You are a flirt - when we are out you wave, bat those beautiful blue eyes, and smile and smile at most everyone. You are especially good at picking out grandparents. You've even won over your pediatrician, who said to me at your 15 month checkup, "she is just as perfect as you think she is" high praise, considering I DO think you are just perfect, Sweetpea!

Happy one and a half birthday, sweet darling, I'm so glad I got the pleasure, the privilege, of being your mom!

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Marva said...

Happy one and a half birthday sweet girl! You have the most awesome Mommy EVER!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh how darling! It goes so fast!


Tricia said...

Look at those gorgeous eyes. She's beautiful. I remember everyone told me that the time would go by too quickly. I didn't believe them, until of course it happened exactly as they predicted.

My son has recently developed a fetish for shoes...he keeps taking them all out of the closet and rearranging them.

T with Honey said...

That face is so adorable. She's definitely a charmer.

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

Marva, you rawk! I hope everyone that is ailing in your family is feeling much better soon-sending you prayers!

Thanks ladies, we think she's definitely a keeper! I never imagined it could go by this quickly!