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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Speak out against the DARK Act - Just Label It!

I have long been a firm believer in whole food, local and organic when possible, and I strongly believe we as consumers deserve to know what is in our food. As such, I am a big proponent of GMO labeling. There is much to be concerned about on that front, and often I feel helpless to do anything. Today I am asking you to help our voices to be heard. If not now, it may soon be too late.
Rep. Mike Pompeo is expected to reintroduce his anti-labeling bill, the DARK Act, (Deny Americans the Right to Know) any day now. The DARK Act threatens both national and state GMO labeling efforts across the country.

The bill would preempt any state labeling laws while making it much harder for the FDA to ever mandate national GMO labeling. TAKE ACTION NOW and tell Congress to reject this dangerous bill: http://justlabelit.org/take-action/take-action-congress/

 @Rep. Peter DeFazio and @Sen. Barbara Boxer were recently joined by @Chef Tom Colicchio to reintroduced their bipartisan legislation, the Genetically Engineered Food Right To Know Act. Unlike @Rep. Pompeo’s DARK Act, this legislation would require that the FDA require national labeling on all GMO whole foods and foods that contain GMO ingredients. Please tell congress to support the Genetically Engineered Food Rigt To Know Act, NOT the DARK Act:http://bit.ly/1vdAzbN

Together we can make a difference!

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