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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Watch Out Dust!

Top 10 ways I use my handy dandy dust buster, from the totally obvious to the more unique… In our home it seems like we need to dust constantly, likely a result of the fact that we live in an older home and have a gravel driveway.
Enter the dust buster. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!!

1) Clean up in front of the doors in our house, where we tend to track a little bit of the outside in
2) Sucking dust cling-ons from the ceiling and cabinet faces in my kitchen
3) Removing dust from the fans in our home
4) Cleaning out our floor vents (remove vent cover, eliminate dust bunnies and random silt as far as I can reach)
5) Removing sand off Sweetpea after she plays in her sandbox
6) Removing crumbs off the highchair after a meal
7) Removing everything from the floors before I mop
8) Clean refrigerator coils
9) Remove dust from blinds/lampshades
And my new personal favorite –
10) Removing flies and other bugs from the house! For flies, this has turned into a “catch and release” program…some other bugs don’t fare so well, but I always make an effort, at least.

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Becky said...

I love dusts busters! They are the best! Thanks for my blog design shout-out! I designed it myself-in fact I started my own business. Check it out:

p.s. Your menu looks yummy!! thanks.

HeatherPride said...

Oh yes, where would I be without my beloved dust buster!! I'll have to try the catch and release program! That's kind of funny!

Rachel said...

You actually do #8?? good for you! I'm impressed.

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

Hi Becky, thanks for stopping by! I will check it out!

Heatherpride, I always feel bad about killing the flies, plus there is the mess...so it's easy to let them go. Spiders - not so much usually.

Rachel, I do #8 occasionally, though probably not as often as I should. We have an old fridge I'm trying to nurse along for awhile longer, so whatever I can do to help ;)