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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Sweetpea and I have taken several little trips around town together this summer, checking things off our summer list. This shot is from one of the great metro parks we have in the area.

We took a picnic lunch and after eating walked around enjoying the pathways, fish, chipmunks and flowers. For the first time we were able to visit the butterfly garden (it's enclosed and every trip we made last year was when it was closed!) and unfortunately there had been a great escape a few days prior. We were treated to all of maybe 5 butterflies - I think we could have done better in our own back yard! Maybe in a few weeks we'll try and venture out with little one and see if the population has exploded again as promised.

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CVSer said...

Darling photo!

Night Owl Mama said...

Gorgeous I wish I new how to do that with my photos that is frame worthy

Brenda said...

GReat picture!

Michelle said...

Oh that is a gorgeous picture. The b/w with one spot of color is one of my favorite effects ever. Fingers crossed the butterfly population has come back. Have you looked into getting a butterfly pavillion for her to watch at home?