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Sunday, May 24, 2009

The promise of sweet summer fun!

Sweetpea, my mom and I went about an hour south to enjoy some of the nearby attractions earlier in the week - the zoo, the aquarium, and the children's museum. It was so much fun, but it went by so quickly. It was in the mid 80's when we arrived home Wednesday afternoon, and the first thing we did was get out the little kiddie pool! We spent the afternoon outdoors enjoying the water, cool drinks and Popsicles. (or as Sweetpea calls them, icicles!)

We got half of our garden in on Thursday morning and have been busy watering to keep the little plants from dying in the heat. Ever since we got back from our little trip I keep thinking "how could it be Thursday/Friday/Saturday already?!" It's as if I think time stops when I'm out of town? ;) Thank goodness Monday is a holiday!

Today we are going to Big T's graduation party - graduation is two weeks away, but it should be a wonderful day for it. This weekend has been amazing, though it appears we skipped right past spring and landed straight in the heat of summer.

Here are a few other things from my gratitude journal this week:

*sleeping all snuggled up with Sweetpea in our hotel - a rare treat, even though I know it will lead to a few night wakings when we return home*

*Look, Mommy! Woooow!*

*sounds of crickets chirping and the frogs calling from a nearby pond at bedtime*

*blooms on our strawberry plants*

*days getting longer, the promise of warm, sweet, lazy days ahead*

What are you grateful for this week?

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1 comment:

Martha said...

Everything sounds wonderful! Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend :-)