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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Looking for a great makeup routine? A Bare Minerals review

My mom and I are big both fans of Bare Minerals. She was nice enough to write up this guest post explaining why she loves the products so much. Without further delay, please give a warm bloggy welcome to Problem Solvin Mom's Mom! :)

Infomercials…..I love to hate them. So how can my absolute favorite of all products be something that peddles itself at 4 am over and over ad naseaum?

I have to admit, I never would have tried it if my daughter hadn’t told me that her buddies at the Y in the morning were telling her how much they love….Bare Minerals.

My daughter and I made a trip to the closest Bare Escentuals store about a year ago to treat ourselves to a makeover; prepared to spend some bucks. And spend we did, but boy did we look good! I will say though, that now that I know what I need, the expense is not too bad and I will NEVER use any other makeup.

I would think the infomercial would scare some ladies off by saying the TV special that you get for $60 is worth $209. I would never spend $209 on makeup. Once you get that starter kit with the brushes, the things you will need to replace are Prime Time (the most amazing of all), the foundation, the Warmth (which lasts for a long time) and the mineral veil finishing powder. I also use I.D. Bare Vitamins before the Prime Time, but I think some people use regular moisturizer. I am worth every penny I spend on BareMinerals.

The reason I am so captured by this product is that my skin has improved so much since I started using it. I am 61 years old, had redness that would start to show immediately after starting my day…until Bare Minerals. It has actually improved my skin so much that it even looks better without makeup than it did before.

I asked for some of my Bare Minerals for Christmas this year; but I did run out of foundation prior to Christmas Day. I stopped in to get a name brand at the drug store; but there was no comparison and I was glad to stop using it!!

You can believe every word spoken in the BareMinerals infomercial. So, besides wanting to tell everyone how wonderful Bare Minerals is, I have to wonder what other infomercials are actually peddling some good products….anyone have a favorite that they were skeptical about at first?

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Kimm at Reinvented said...

I use Bare Minerals too and I LOVE IT. Would never use anything else. I agree with Mom, my skin is better now without makeup even.

Martha said...

Mom almost has me convinced!

Brooke said...

Hello PS Mom's Mom :)

I'm a Bare Minerals user too, and I do love it. I really also like their Smoky Eyes kit too!

Brwneyedgrl08 said...

I recently have switched from Bare Minerals to these new product from Lauren Hutton, Aqua Elements Breathable collection. I really honestly like it better than Bare Minerals, it gives you better coverage and an even more natural look.