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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

On naps and school funding

My little cowgirl, just before she hit the wall

Tuesday was voting day and there was only one issue on the ballot - the school levy. I'm a firm believer that a vote for our schools is a vote for our community. As an alumni of our public schools, I'm proud that they are one of the better districts in the area and I want it to stay that way for when Sweetpea is school age. Our district is growing fast, mainly an influx of families with children, and we've had to build several new buildings to support that growth...now the district is struggling to keep them running. School funding is something I want to learn more about, and I'm the first to admit that I'm very fuzzy when it comes to the different ways states fund their schools. What I do know is that Ohio's strategy is not working, and we need to do something!!

So after a long day at work I picked up Sweetpea and headed to the polls. We weren't half way there and she was totally zonked in the car seat! When we pulled up I figured she would wake up, but she just laid her head down on my shoulder after I extracted her from the car and headed in to the polling station. Half way in my "miracle" pants (as in, it would be a miracle if they would stay where they were supposed to) are half way off my backside and she loses a shoe. A sweet couple in front of us helped in the shoe department and held the door.

We managed to make it through line and as I said, there was only one issue for me to fill in. On the way out, I apparently dropped my license, and again a nice passerby alerted me and picked it up. Thank goodness, because that losing my license would have been a huge fiasco, I'm sure!

Sadly, our levy failed by just 137 votes. Long term, it sure would be nice to take a lesson from some states that have their act together and learn how to effectively fund our children's future!

What is your opinion on school levies - do you always vote for them? What do you think about funding for public schools in your area?

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Jen said...

I always vote yes...I want my public schools supported whether I have kids there or not! I recall that was a problem where I lived in Ohio as well...

Marva said...

We like to see our schools get ahead too. WE just voted out making our county WET after it always being dry. We felt that it would not benefit our children. We actually get paid (our school system) by TVA to stay dry. Every man, woman and child would have to consume so many ounces of alcohol per day in order to get that amount of $$$$$$$$$ per year.

Good for you voting to get your schools ahead!!! Blessings!!!