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Sunday, May 10, 2009

The heart of a mother

Hope you all had a great Mother's Day! I had a wonderful weekend, though it was a bit sad to send EmDee off today on his first of 10 straight days of 12 hour shifts, and I have no doubt that my muscles will be screaming tomorrow from the 50 strawberry plants we put in the ground this afternoon.

We started the day off with baked french toast and several hours of outdoor play. Then we headed to the store for a "quick stop" before lunch. I should really know better than to put "quick stop" and "before lunch" in the same game plan. Sweetpea did wonderfully at the grocery, and we quickly gathered everything we needed. The last item on the list was wiper blades and unfortunately we had to make one more stop. It was just as we were arriving at the checkout that the meltdown began.

Sweetpea so rarely melts down, and I knew this one was all my fault. The cashier took us as her last customer before going on break, and had to tell several customers who came up behind us that she was closed. Once she checked us out and while I was holding a screaming toddler in one arm and trying to sign my name on the credit machine she said with raised eyebrows, "Happy Mother's Day".

I said Thank You, and then I had to laugh at the look of it - I'm sure many people would think that at least one of us was being sarcastic - and maybe the cashier was, but I don't think so. Screaming toddler in hand, pushing our cart out to the car I was thinking how grateful I am to be a mom, to be holding a miracle in one arm while another one is growing in my belly and my heart is overflowing.

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Marva said...

That is so right! Hearts are overflowing at us being Mommies on that wondeful day and everyday! You are a precious friend! Happy mother's Day! Blessings!

Jen said...

Happy Mother's Day! (And yes, everytime there is a meltdown at a store when we should be home eating lunch, I think...I really know better!)