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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Problem Solvin Favorites - Everything you need for your little fairy princess

Since I'll be away taking a mini vacation, I thought I'd dust off this post for today - does it not satisfy your sweet tooth just looking at it? :) And while I'm re-reading this post, I feel the need to confess that crafty posts do totally inspire me, I obviously hadn't discovered many when I wrote that intro!

*Originally posted on October 22, 2008*

There are certain posts that are just so exciting or meaningful that you want to share them with as many people as possible. Rarely does a crafty post inspire me, but this one at Juicy Bits captured my imagination and got me excited - just look at these pictures:

photo by Juicy Bits

photo by Juicy Bits
What a fabulous idea for a little girl's birthday party, and the fairy wands are just magical!

Then I stumbled across this DIY fairy wing tutorial at ThreadBanger totally adorable and looks super easy.

Now there was definitely an idea forming in my head...I'd been thinking about making tutus for Sweetpea and 2 of her nieces that love dress up. Wouldn't a tutu and these fairy wings, along with the requisite magical wand make the perfect fairy princess costume? Then Sweetpea could imagine herself a fairy princess anytime!

For those of you that don't consider yourselves crafty, Jess at Juicy Bits tells me she bought the fairy wings in the top picture at Party City. You can also find adorable tutus at Sassy Pink Boutique.

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Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

Such cute ideas! I will have to look into that.