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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Organizing Tip Thursday - 5 minute clutter buster challenge

*Originally posted August 26, 2008* This post definitely speaks to how I'm feeling lately (including the schedule EmDee is on - seriously, could we both be at the house at the same time for more than 30 minutes once a week, please?!) and I just recently employed this challenge on my car - works like a charm every time on any hot spot you might have that tends to accumulate clutter.

I hate clutter! The busier I get, the less time I take to attack clutter as it accumulates. In the vicious cycle of things, more and more clutter accumulates in my home, in my car, and on my desk at work. To make matters worse, EmDee has been working nights and weekends, which is the time I usually use to conquer the clutter in my life.

As a busy mom I can say it's overwhelming and frustrating to be upset with the mess but at the same time to feel that I don't have time to do what needs done to fix it. I've generally approached the mess in my life the way I do most of my problems - analyze the problem, break it down, make a plan to fix it, attack it in "small bites".

Following this strategy, I decided it was time to take action. I haven't made a plan for the house yet, but I came up with a quick plan for the car!

Here's what I did: Take 3 empty grocery bags with me to the car during my lunch.
Quickly fill

  • one bag with things that I need to take to the house
  • one bag with things that need thrown away
  • one bag with things that belong in the car, but not strewn all over it

The trash bag went with me on the way back in and was thrown into the first garbage bag I came to. The other two bags went into the trunk. I will take the bag of things that needs to go into the house with me when I get home tonight. All of this took about 5 minutes!!

What tricks do you have up your sleeve when the clutter in your life gets overwhelming?

I'd love it if you'd leave the url link to any of your recent organizing posts in the comments since Mr. Linky is not cooperating for anyone these days.

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Shelly said...

I use the same strategy for decluttering the house or car, except I also have a bag for things that I want to give away.

I find FlyLady.net has helped me a lot with getting my clutter under control.

Noah's Mommy said...

I so like your three bag idea...I have the box in the living room for orphan things...then at the end of the day...I put them back in their homes....thanks so much for coming by my blog today on my feature day...I'm so happy you did

Sugar Boogers & Tantrums said...

Thanks for stopping by today. Hope to get to know you better!!

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Like Shelly, I also use flylady.net and found that it really helped get the clutter under control and it's good to be reminded on a regular basis with the emails. Plus it's free to join!