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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Warm sun and longer days

This weekend has been amazing - at the beginning of the week we had highs in the 50s, yesterday my car said 90 - yikes! It has been a bit windy, but so amazingly nice. I am still hoping for a bit of spring before we fast forward into the heat of summer, but I'll take hot and sunny over rainy and cold just about every time.

We have been spending a lot of time with this new toy - I'll be sure to let you know when my review is posted over on Problem Solvin Mom Recommends later this week, be sure to check it out, there will be a giveaway too!

*We planted several small raspberry plants this past week that should fruit this year - it was fun to teach Sweetpea how to help plant, and I'm looking forward to the sweet fruit these plants will bear*

*Lots of time outside playing in our freshly cut lawn*

*Longer days, warmth on my face*

*An amazing sunrise as I looked groggily out the window this morning*

*Beginning to feel baby kicks from the outside, so amazing*

*Fresh morel mushrooms for dinner that EmDee found, Sweetpea liked them as much as we did*

*Ann's words, so often just what this mama needs*

What are you grateful for this week? I love hearing your lists!

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Marva said...

Sweet pea is so cute and she is getting so very big! Where does the time go?!

I am thankful for warm days and cool nights, finding little boys' hidden treasures (stick and rocks) in short pockets before washing, full caffeniated coffee on early mornings, hubby getting to work 3 days instead on 1 at his regular job, living on a farm and work to do here.......seeing the crops growing. little pairs of boys undies in the wash and a great big God that kept us safe in the storms Easter night. We lost our roof, but not our babies! Praise you Father!

Blessings sweet friend!

Marva said...

I for got to ask............did you get yur package in the mail.....just wanted to make sure it arrived safely. Blessings!