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Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Fun!

The Easter bunny brought some very fun crafty toys for Sweetpea this year, along with just a few Smarties and peanut butter eggs. Here she is checking out her loot, still in pj's.

We had a little egg hunt in our front yard with plastic eggs. Most eggs were filled with stickers, and a few had a small piece of candy.

Post egg hunt, Sweetpea poses victorious with Daddy. :) Some of my friends at work were telling me how they leave a trail of eggs or jelly beans from each kid's room to the Easter basket - I think that sounds like great fun and am planning to try that next year.

What Easter activities did you enjoy with your friends this year? Happy Friday!!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like fun - we enjoyed the egg hunt and having a nice meal with some of our family!! :-)

Samantha said...

Egg hunt sounds fun! I had never had an egg hunt before! Happy late Easter!