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Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's the simple things that make me happiest

Saturday was a wonderfully warm and sunny day, perfect for playing in the front yard and a trip to the park! It is supposed to rain later today, and will be quite a bit colder by Tuesday, but the cold snaps are not as cold as they were just a few weeks ago, and it is finally starting to feel like spring.

Today is my Mom's birthday and we are all meeting for brunch. If the weather holds out, I'm hoping we'll take a walk to burn off all of that food! It's so nice that our family is close enough that we can easily get together and celebrate special occasions like this.

Here are some other things on my gratitude list from the past two weeks:

*A happy, healthy, fast growing little girl*

*A peek at what appears to be a healthy and fast growing little baby at my 20 week ultrasound* (21wk belly shot above)

*Sweetpea got two dresses for her birthday that were quite a bit too big - rather than putting them away for next summer, she has dubbed them her princess dresses and they are being used daily for dress up* (one of them is pictured above)

*the first batch of asparagus from our garden should be ready to cut today or tomorrow - YUM!*

*Our cherry tree bursting into bloom, beautiful blooms and wonderful scent*

*A wonderful visit with my longtime friend, reconnecting as if no time had passed*

*the grass is turning green again and dandelions are popping up, hinting that warmer weather isn't too far away*

*checking nearly everything off my to do list during my days off*

What are you grateful for this week?

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Marva said...

Wonderful pictures! Glad all is going well!

I am thankful for wonderful friends and a safe home.

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Hey, there's my roomie! Look at the belly! Beautiful!

I love her dress, where did you get it!? Gorgeous!