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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Giving what seems like too little in the face of great loss

I was filling out one of those silly get to know your friends emails the other day, and this particular one had the question, "what are you most afraid of". That was an easy one for me to answer - my biggest fear is outliving my children. And as the blogosphere makes the world so very small, I'm reminded how that terrible possibility can and does become reality all too often.

I've watched, read, and cried over the past weeks following the story of Maddie Spohr. While heartbreaking, her sweet and vibrant life is also inspiring. Something else that is inspiring? The reminder that if each of us give a part of ourselves - be it donations, notes of support, crafts for fundraisers, etc, that we can achieve something big and powerful. If you would like to support any or all of these families, please click on the buttons half way down my left sidebar. There are opportunities to buy crafts or donate directly.

I love shopping on Etsy, but I don't do it often - it can suck up an entire afternoon and handfuls of cash! I couldn't resist some handmade goodness to support Cora's Playground and Tuesday's family, though - here are some of the goodies that have been showing up over the past weeks...

Sweetpea and several of my friend's kids will be recieving these super fun and useful crayon holders from WoobieDesigns.

I picked up two of these cute and endlessly functional coffee cozies from TwoFloridaGirls. My mom is always bemoaning the fact that the covers you get from Starbucks or our local coffee shop (the clearly superior but sadly not national Boston Stoker) just don't work well enough. I think she'll find this does the trick nicely!

I couldn't resist were these sweet hair clips from Luca Bella Designs.

And last, but definitely not least, I bought these fabulous pendants from HomeStudio when they were doing a fundraiser for Tuesday. I love the first three pictured above, but especially the one below - a tribute and a reminder to hold my babies closely and enjoy every moment. Be warned if you're anything like me you'll end up buying a set like I did, good luck picking just one! :)

Do you know of some fundraisers that I've missed? If so, please let me know!

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HeatherPride said...

Very sweet, Steph. My girlfriend and I are walking for Maddie in our local March of Dimes walk this weekend. So sad.

Anonymous said...

It is sometimes hard to cope in the face of so much sadness, but I hope I try to do my best to support as much as I can. And not worry too much. And sounds like you are doing the same...

CC said...

so awesome how mommies come together to help!!!!

angie said...

What a wonderful way to come together to support these women....I love the things you've purchased!