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Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Fun - rainy days and food!

I had a day off to spend with Sweetpea today and again it was a cold rainy day! Luckily the last rainy day we came up with some indoor activities that were a big success, so today I was prepared.

First, we spent about an hour at Barnes & Noble, playing with the huge train table they have in the wonderful children's area. We purchase something every few visits, making this a very frugal way to have indoor fun.

Back at the house, we have a few special toys that I rotate into the rainy day bag. This makes them new and special when we are stuck inside! We also have a big bag full of fun craftiness, crayons, stickers, foam cutouts, paint, construction paper and the like. We spend at least an hour on craft time. Since it's almost Easter, we will also be decorating eggs today.

I love browsing the dollar spot at Target and the $1 bins at Michael's crafts for small fun activities. Today's dollar toy was a set of paper dolls from Michael's.

I also try and make lunchtime more fun on days like today. The picture above is of Sweetpea getting ready to bite into an apple peanut butter boat! To insert pretzel sticks into apples, apply gentle pressure and rotate the pretzel back and forth to create a hole. Half the fun is eating your mistakes as you go. ;) We also had pineapple boats made the same way and some cheese and turkey. Yum!

What are some of your rainy day tricks? I'd love to hear them!

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HeatherPride said...

I agree, we love going to bookstores on rainy or wintery days!!

Anonymous said...

Aren't those $1 bins at Target fun??

Mel said...

Can i just say you are always full of good fun ideas...i will have to check out the dollar bins...

and i totally admire your self control in a book store :)