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Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Freebies - play along with me!

I was lucky enough to win some of Marva's homemade goodness when she played along with this fun tag. I thought it was a great idea, am in a bit of craft withdrawal anyway, and thought it was time for a tutorial!

First things first - the freebies! Leave a comment on this post letting me know your favorite colors and I'll randomly draw 5 winners on Monday night. Winners will receive a scrunchy similar to the one pictured above, and I'll try and keep your color choices in mind when making them. The one above is from Christmas and includes bells. I'd be happy to include bells if you'd like, just let me know! US residents only, unfortunately.

Now, in case you'd like to make some of your own, these are super simple!

Start with your favorite sized elastic ponytail holder. Cut several pieces of ribbon (2 or 3 contrasting colors work well) about 3 inches long. Tie your ribbons in double or slip knots (or a combination of both types of knots looks nice) along the ponytail holder. If you're adding bells, you can tie them right into your ribbons. Larger craft beads work as well as an accent.

Put your hair up and show off your craftiness! I will post the finished results of this giveaway next week so you can see some more. If you'd like photos of the process steps, let me know and I'll post those next week as well.

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Mel said...

amazing!!! you are so crafty..

purple is my favorite color. hope you are feeling wonderful.

Samantha said...

This is really pretty! Thank you for the instructions!

Jen said...

THat is really cute! My daughter loves pink...

HeatherPride said...

Cute! I want Claire's hair to grow out pronto so I can put fun stuff in her hair!!

Martha said...

Very cool! I'm having blogging withdrawal. Hope all is well!

Marva said...

Hope you are feeling well! I love the scrunchies! Those are so cute! How crafty you are.

I have misplaced you addy, email me. I hope to get your stuff mailed tis week.


Amy said...

Those are darling! Way easier than the mess I make with my hot glue gun :)