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Monday, April 20, 2009

Crockpot and freezer menu planning

Last week's menu went according to plan except for the muffaletta salad, which was one of the dishes I was most looking forward to! I'm going to try and get to it this weekend instead. I'm planning another crock pot rotisserie style chicken that will provide the start to several of our dishes...I love how easy and delicious it is! The meatballs are the last of a huge batch I made several weeks ago from the freezer, also nice and easy. Asparagus is starting to come up in the garden, so there will be lots of that on the menu the next several weeks if all goes well.

Here's the plan this week:

Monday: meatball subs with oven fries
Tuesday: Chicken stir fry with rice
Wednesday: Omelet casserole with berry smoothies
Thursday: Chicken salad and roasted asparagus
Friday: leftover potluck

What's on your menu this week? For more inspiration, visit OrgJunkie.

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Marva said...

Sounds yummy! I hope you have a great week and get to make that.


CC said...

meat ball subs with oven fries??? yum!