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Monday, November 17, 2008

Get your Holiday ePlanner!

Are you a planner? A list maker? I am definitely a list maker, especially when things get busy and hectic. Lists keep me focused and on track, they help reduce the likelihood that I'll wander off task and waste time on something that isn't a goal for the day.

Somewhere between all my lists and my goals, I need a plan. I tend to struggle organizing the plan, and I'm always on the lookout for a tool to help me turn my dreams into reality. One of my "dreams" for this holiday season is to be organized and relaxed, to help my daughter begin to understand the magic of the holiday, to start creating some fantastic holiday memories.

With this goal in mind, I was super excited to get to review ListPlanIt's Holiday e-Planner. This planner was just what I needed, bringing some organization to my many lists, a kick in the pants to start a notebook for my holiday plans, and oodles of planning pages for me to work with!

There are pages to help you organize cards, gifts and wish lists, and recipes. There are pages to help you plan parties (an excellent resource year round) and budget your resources. One of my favorite items is a page to help document your holiday memories. Here you can jot down what worked and just as importantly what didn't, so when next year rolls around you don't have to scratch your head and try to remember. There is even a list full of fantastic activities for the holidays, perfect for supplementing my Christmas activity list.

This planner is a real bargain at $4.95, I highly recommend you click over and download yours today! And while you're thinking of your holiday plans, check out Jen's other great site, 100 days to Christmas! Each day she suggests a small task to help keep your plans moving and to keep things from getting hectic as the holidays approach.

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1 comment:

HeatherPride said...

Dang! I should have started working on 100 days till Christmas like, 65 days ago!! I'm so behind! Now I'll NEVER get caught up!

Also, am I the only one who waits for Black Friday to start Christmas shopping? I was introduced to this concept a few years ago, and now I am an addict!