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Sunday, November 9, 2008

As Fall turns to Winter

This morning was the first that felt like winter to me, surprising somehow, even though it is November 9th! As the time goes by so quickly, keeping this list of daily blessings helps crystallize the sweetness in my mind.

*Sweetpea was twenty months old on Friday - what a pleasure it is watching her personality develop, seeing her sense of humor and logic develop. I am so blessed to be her mother!*

*Two extra weeks of watching big T play football - his team made it to the second round of the playoffs before losing last night. I'm sad for it to end, but on the upside, we will get to see more of him now that the season is over.* *Sweetpea is forever fascinated by big T's football gear. I'm a sucker for comparisons, so here is a picture of her from last year playing with his helmet -

and this year sitting on his helmet post game**at the risk of repeating myself for the hundreth time, I love how wonderful big T is with Sweetpea, and you can see how she looks up to him - so sweet*
*Lazy morning spent snuggling on the couch with family*

*pink clouds across a blue and purple sky*

*my mommy, my mommy!*

*starting to feel better after an icky virus*

*no more 104 degree fever, whew!*

What are you grateful for this week? I love to hear your lists!

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Martha said...

What great photos! I was so glad when football was over last week for my son - his team went undefeated, but he's on the freshman team, no playoffs. It will be nice to be back to our regular routine.
Stay warm! :-)

Mommy2Twinkies-Deb said...

Lovely post and lovely photos. I love Big T with his little sister, it's so sweet. I've got a nasty cold from Little Man, so I'm thankful that my hubby took the kids to his parents for a few hours for me to rest.

Gill said...

Wonderful photos :)
I'm greatful my birthday passed quietly..i am really glad that becky had slapped cheek virus and not scarlet fever or worse as forst suspected.
I am greatful its over!! LOL

Anonymous said...


tis only a season of life!!!!!!

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

*I am thankful for six beautiful children, and a gorgeous, caring, romantic husband.
*I'm thankful its almost the holidays.
*I'm thankful I have been baking every week, almost every day.
*I'm thankful for all of my blogging friends! I love everyone of them!
*I'm so very thankful for the fact that I'm writing daily and making a career of it.

There is so much more... SO much more...

Brooke said...

Love the pictures! Sweatpea and my daughter are the same age too :)

Just me said...

Neat photos! What a cute big brother, little sister photo:)

I'm grateful for:
My beautiful children and their father, my husband who I love dearly.

I'm thankful that I have plants in the house now!

That the speaker was fixed on the computer and I can listen to music on it again and the kids can play on it again!

For such a fun blog to blog on (almost) every day! It adds a great deal of enjoyment to my days! and for all of the friends I've made in the month and a half that I've had it! It's so neat:)

Thanks for the gratitude exercise! You get me thinking every week:)

Monica said...

I'm a sucker for those comparisons too!

Laura said...

I love the picture of Sweetpea on the football helmet!