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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Babywearing Bliss - my journey

Some of you might recognize this photo from an earlier post, but it's the best babywearing photo I could come up with this week...I'm going to have to work on that! Why was I looking for a babywearing photo this week, you ask? Because it's International Babywearing Week!

When I was pregnant, and even when Sweetpea was very little, the only carriers I knew anything about where the Snugli and the Baby Bjorn. I had a hand me down Snugli, but it just didn't seem to fit us well. I saw many beautiful advertisements for slings in the back of parenting magazines, but I didn't really understand what they were or how they worked. I didn't know anyone who had tried them...and they (at least the ones in the magazines) were exPENsive!

At some point, my curiosity got the best of me, and I clicked over to check out the Mamma's Milk Baby Slings. Much to my amazement, not only does this company offer beautiful slings for purchase, they actually link to a tutorial for making your own - how cool is that? Inspired, I purchased some burgundy denim and a beautiful coordinating fabric and made my own sling. Based on instructions, my sling turned out a bit big and wider than necessary. I didn't know this at the time, however, and we both enjoyed this first sling. Sweetpea was small at the time, so it didn't matter as much that she was sitting lower than was ideal.

While at Target one day I did a "driveby" of the baby clearance rack (always a great idea, especially at Target!) and spotted a Hotsling. Sweetpea was getting heavier, and my homemade sling wasn't so comfortable anymore. I decided to take the Hotsling for a testdrive in the dressing room. As luck would have it, the sling was a perfect fit! With Sweetpea sinched up higher it was SO much more comfortable to carry her! The second stroke of luck this day was the price - this sling was marked down to $9.99 because it was a return in an open package - SCORE!! I brought it home with us that day, and it is by far my go to carrier.

I kept reading about other styles of carriers, from Megan and Steph especially. Then somehow I found my way to a great babywearing site. If you are considering buying a carrier and don't want to invest a lot initially, this is the place for you. I purchased my first Mei Tai, an Ellaroo, for $25 shipped. It's a bit hit or miss, because the best deals are on overstocks and closeouts, but there are some great carriers to be found. I love my Mei Tai, it's great now that Sweetpea continues to grow up on me, and she loves being on my back!

In case you're feeling crafty, here is another link for making your own carriers.

Babywearing works for us! I will definitely do it again, from the very start, if I get the chance. For more Works for Me Wednesday posts, click over to Rocks in My Dryer.

For more Babywearing posts and a chance to win great one of two great carriers, click over and see Steph. For a look at one of the prizes, go to Nonny & Boo. (recognize Steph as one of the adorable models? Where do I sign up for that kind of work? How fun!)

What is your experience with babywearing?

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Jennifer said...

I plan on babywearing when my Sprout arrives. We have a front pack, a Hotsling, and a homemade ring sling. Thanks for all of the information on your journey!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

What a very cool picture - love that!

And WOW what a score on that hotsling. I have to say you are a very, very naughty mama for sharing the outlet link with me. I could get in trouble!!!

Mommy Bee said...

I posted about babywearing today too!

kendra@shoppingfortwo said...

A sling is the one thing I haven't tried, however if I had seen that deal at Target I would have jumped on that too! That's incredible!

Anonymous said...

i always used Peanut Slings and LOVED them.

Octamom said...

I believe in baby wearing--I'm just not great at it--I usually just hoist them on one hip (or two with the twins) and have learned to navigate pretty well! On the other hand, my oldest two girls are big time babywearers! They have always hauled around the younger siblings in our baby pack and our sling. 1 of 8 in particular really figured out the best configuration for her and would wear one of the twins for quite a while each day--and that sure was a lot of help!


Amy said...

I wore my Emily until she got too big for me to carry around. I purchased a Hot Sling and loved it because I am petite and I could get it custom-fit to my sizing so I didn't have to adjust it at all. I loved wearing my sweet little girl- they grow far too fast!

Kama @ Today's Housewife said...

I have a few slings and enjoy using them! I've got to start using them more soon!!