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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Baby Bliss

What happens when you go to a fabulous conference, get snowed out while you're away, stay with grandma (and 2 littles under 3) for 4 days (while waiting for sweet neighbors to clear your driveway) and then take a vacation to Disney World? Right, you start writing run on sentences! :) And get terribly behind on blogging due to lack of internet access...so now that things are nearly back to normal, I'd love to tell you all about our adventures!

I was a bit nervous about Blissdom - I had decided to go at the last minute, and after my only other conference experience I was worried I just wasn't conference material. I was bringing Sugar Plum with me, and I wasn't sure how that was going to go either. I'd heard Blissdom was very baby friendly, and that was absolutely the truth! Not only did Sugar Plum get all kinds of love from several sweet bloggers, but thanks to Christine at From Dates to Diapers and ForBabyGifts, there were even goody bags and strollers and carriers for us to try out!

I was able to use theKolcraft Contours Options 3 wheeler throughout the conference! I loved the smooth ride and maneuverability, but even more exciting was the fact that the seat can reverse, allowing baby to see mommy (or whomever is driving!) or see the world. This stroller also has a carseat attachment, which is something I didn't have at home. With Sugar Plum weighing in at an adorably plump 17lbs 11oz that comes in very handy! At the end of the conference there was a drawing for the strollers we'd been trying out, and I got to take mine home!!

Before I knew I wouldn't have to say goodbye to my wonderful stroller, I wanted to make sure I got a decent picture of it. I asked a nice looking lady with a big camera (my new friend Darcy, you should really go say hi and check out her amazing photography skillz) if she would mind taking a few shots for me, and she so sweetly said yes. The lighting was so so, and apparently she had a better lens that wasn't with her at the time, but even so I think these turned out fabulously, don't you?

Can you tell she likes it?! I adore the way Sugar Plum's eyes pop in this shot, and the stroller doesn't look half bad either!

Here you can see the spacious compartment under the stroller for carrying things - I have a mei tai, a diaper bag, a laptop, a notebook, a sweater, and a blanket. In this picture the toy bar is attached, which easily comes off.

And this picture shows those baby blue eyes again - oops, I mean the easy folding mechanism...just pull up on the red tabs (in the upper right corner) and the stroller folds right up. The wheels lock automatically when the stroller is folded to keep it from rolling away.

Thanks again to Christine, Darcy, ForBabyGifts and Kolcraft! I'm sure to be talking about Blissdom more this week, and eventually our trip to Disney.

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1 comment:

Marva said...

So glad you got some time for you! Hope all is well! Love you sweet friend!

Can't wait to see more and more pics too! :)