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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

3?! How can that be?

Full of energy, enthusiasm and personality, Sweetpea is both miss independent and mama's little girl. She knows no stranger and loves to meet new friends. I often hear her go up to a child close to her age and say, "hello friend, do you want to play with me?"

Sweetpea loves to dance, play ball and climb anything and everything. She loves to color and has just started drawing pictures of people over the past few weeks. My grandpa thinks Mr. Potatohead is her muse, as we all have big round bodies. :)

Any time she finds me in the kitchen, she wants to help. I've started planning our meals so that there is always something she can do to help. The promise of a craft can get her jumping up and down - especially if it involves glue or safety scissors.

Princess dresses are a favorite from the dress up box at the moment, though in our house princesses are brave, smart and strong - not just pretty girls waiting for their prince to come. When not all dolled up, Sweetpea is begging to dig in the dirt - planting flowers and looking for worms. She is so excited that the weather is warming up and playground weather is almost here!

Now that she's 3, I've started the tradition of asking a series of birthday questions. Here were her answers this year:

Favorite color: yellow

Favorite show: Max & Ruby

Favorite book: Boo Hoo Bird (by Jeremy Tankard)

Favorite song: Who loves Sweetpea (a made up song to the tune of Frerejaka)

Favorite thing to do: playing at the playground

Favorite game: playing dancing princesses

Favorite food: fruit salad

Best thing about your sister: Playing with her!

I'm a little late with this post, but I didn't want to miss the chance to celebrate Sweetpea's birthday. I'll be sharing party pictures in the next few days.

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Marva said...

WOW! Three! Where has the time went?! she is so pretty too...just like her Mommy! Happy Birthday sweetpea! Can't wait to see pics! Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations: Steph on Sweetpea's THIRD birthday. I reached your blog via Make and Takes. I have a 3 year old myself. Sia is her name and she turned THREE on 26th. And Sweetpea is such a replica of my li'l one. I loved the birthday tradition you have started of "favourite" quotes of Sweetpea :) We share a similar game here. I thought it would be nice to exchange our favourites with you both. So here goes....

Favorite color: Pink

Favorite show: Tweenies, Fimbles

Favorite book: Jane's exdepition (that's Sia's pronunciation for expedition), Baby Einstein

Favorite song: Chai, Chai, Coffee, Coffee (from an Indian pre-school rhymes DVD called Karadi Rhymes, which was gifted to Sia on her birthday)

Favorite thing to do: playing

Favorite game: racing cars

Favorite food: spaghetti

Once again happy birthday Sweetpea.
Steph, thanks once again for making parenting tremendously inspirational. = Shalini

Fran said...

Happy birthday to Sweetpea! My "baby" is going to be five in May and I can't believe it either. I know exactly what you mean about being both miss independent and mama's little girl, that's my daughter in a nutshell. I don't remember my life without her or my son. :-)

Melissa Parlaman (Graco Contributor) said...

i love this post. i have written a few posts on the gracobaby blog about my daughter, PP. i wish i would have done this for her. i am going to start now. happy birthday, princess!