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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Attractive and convenient toy or snack storage

Looking for a way to maintain the small toy clutter in your house, or organize snacks? Storing small toys or snacks that your child can safely access in makeup bags is an attractive way to hide the mess and group like things together.

If you have toddlers and preschoolers, it can also help them practice vocabulary and motor skills. Try having them "find the blue and white bag with the brown handle", let them practice opening the zippers and snaps. If your children are like mine, they will enjoy emptying and refilling the bags as much as they enjoy playing with what is inside of them!

What strategies do you use for containing the small toy clutter? Do you store snacks in a place where your kids can access them? We're just starting to try this - when Sweetpea wants a snack, I can tell her she can have one of any certain kind of snack by identifying which bag she can choose from.

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Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Great idea! We are always looking for tips to store toys!

Nina said...

sort of. he has three drawers under his bed and his finger puppets and blocks are in here. he's always had a snack shelf on the butcher shelf in my kitchen. I keep a bowl with fruit snacks, fruit rollups, candy, marshmallows...a bunch of items and he can pick what he wants. I think its important to let him access to lots of different things so that he can be encouraged to make good healthy choices.

Michelle said...

Oooo you're brave. Or I'm a wimp. There's no way I'd have snacks within reach. Although technically, I suppose the wee ones can get the stool out and climb up to the cabinet. Hmmm.

I love the makeup bag idea, although I just gave all mine away. I am using the small portable storage boxes that go on clearance :)