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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine Fun!

I am excited to celebrate Valentine's day with Sweetpea this year, as I've always preferred handmade and heartfelt gifts to grand gestures or chocolate. (unless it's Godiva, honey, I'm always willing to cut some calories elsewhere for Godiva...) We are planning a sweet/heart themed dinner for the occasion and have been working on some fun crafts.

Here are some of the crafts we have planned, and a few of my favorite ideas from around the blogosphere.

Sweetpea has a Valentine's party at daycare on Friday, and she will be coloring these cute printables to give to her daycare buddies at the party.

We are going to break out the markers and glue and let her go to town with heart shaped construction paper of all sizes. More to follow on how this turns out...

I found some neat cookie stencils on clearance after Valentine's day last year for $0.19, we will be using these to decorate sugar cookies to take to the Valentine's party, and we may take a few to some family friends as well.

I love these ideas from Jen @ Sabbatical Mom for celebrating Valentine's Day all week long! (and I am totally in agreement with her decorating rule...)

Marie from Make and Takes always has fun crafts for any occasion.

I'm definitely going to break out the heart shaped cookie cutters and duplicate this adorable breakfast from Handmade Homeschool.

Jenn from Frugal Upstate has some great frugal craft links in this post.

What are you planning for Valentine's day this year? Are you a fan, or do you think this is just another Hallmark holiday?

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T with Honey said...

I love Valentines day but this year we're not doing much celebrating. Instead I'll be spending the day prepping for Princess's birthday party.
So I'm taking her out to dinner tonight. Honey and I have decided to pick a day and celebrate then instead.

Chris Bliss said...

Cute blog! Stopping by from sits!! :)

I love valentines day! This year my husband and I are going to a Murder Mystery Party!
What girl wouldn't love Vday? Its all about the pink and red!

Jen said...

I love Valentine's Day...but I agree with you...I love the little things, not the big over-the-top displays of affection.

So jealous of your post-holiday sale purchase! I was just certain that I had some heart cookie cutters around here someplace, so I went ahead and invited a bunch of kids over for a cookie decorating party...and you guessed it. No heart cookie cutters. By the time I realized it, the $1 Target bin ones were sold out so I had to spend $5. But at least I'm covered for next year!

Hope you guys have a great day!

Marva said...

We do a little date for us. abook/movie for the boys. Fresh flowers and homemade cookies and lots od together time for us all.

Happy Valentine's Day! Blessings!

HeatherPride said...

I admire your craftiness! We bought the store bought valentines, but it's the first time we're handing them out at preschool so it's still kind of exciting!!

Mel said...

I would like 1/25th of your crafting ability and brain!!!

Jenn @ Frugal Upstate said...

Glad you liked the printables & Crafts! I especially like those lollipop flowers-how cute & easy are they?

Yankee Bill and I are going to have a quiet romantic dinner at home on V-day. The only way THAT is going to happen is after the kiddos are in bed! I'm going to make scallops-which are way more expensive than normal meals, but way less than eating out!

CC said...

I'm going to make some heart cookies. and maybe heart pancakes. that's about all we can do around here. I wish I had the time/energy/money to cutsey it up more...

Maybe one day.

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

We didn't do much but laugh. A lot. And be with each other :)

I'm currently working on my own craft I'm gonna share with everyone soon :) Anything up your sleeves lately?