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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Living each day with a grateful heart

Hope you all had a fabulous Valentine's Day spent with those that mean the most to you!

Sweetpea and I had a fun day playing and crafting, with a little grocery shopping and working out mixed in for good measure. It was entertaining to watch some of the customers frantically doing last minute shopping for sweethearts while we picked up the basics like milk and fresh fruit. EmDee was out of town yesterday, so we we have an excuse to let the celebration stretch out at least another day.

Here are a few items from my gratitude list this week:

*a happy, healthy family*

*birds chirping, sun shining, a tiny taste of spring*

*five bags of clutter to donate to someone who can use it*

*I love you mommy*

*kiss me, mommy!*

*the technology to stay close and connected with loved ones while they are away*

What are you grateful for this week?

In addition to sharing my gratitude this week, I wanted to also share with you two stories that have been weighing on my heart. If you aren't familiar with the stories of Tuesday or Cora, you can click through the links to learn more. Both of these stories make my heart ache for the families and friends of these sweet girls. In case you're moved to participate, I wanted to share the projects that their lives have inspired.

Kacey at Chronicles of a Mommy has organized Project Happy Heart in Tuesday's memory.

Click over to see her suggestions for some charities that will help make someone's heart smile, or stop by and let her know what you've done. I love the concept of Make a Child Smile, and Sweetpea and I will be working on some letters to send with the help of that organization.

A memorial fund has been established to build the Cora Playground in Cora's memory.


If you're interested in buying some fabulously cute items to support this playground, you can follow this link. For information on making a direct contribution, go here.

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Kacey R. said...

I LOVE yor gratitude list. Thank you so much for mentioning the projects for Tuesday & Cora. I'm grateful for people like you who help spread the word! Thank you so much and I can't wait to hear about your letters!

Mel said...

I am not familiar with Tuesday and Cora but I will click over and learn more!!

Love your list as always and hope your toe gets better

Adventures In Babywearing said...

It's so good to be grateful. I have so much to be grateful for, I don't even know where to begin!


Jen said...

I always love your lists...and for being encouraged to pause and think about all the blessings I have - thanks!