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Saturday, February 7, 2009

TipList - free and frugal craftiness

Sweetpea is all about coloring and stickers these days. Some of the things we've been crafting with lately are free and frugal, so I thought I'd share!

Do you get a bunch of free return address labels from different charities? We get them from American Heart Association, Relay for Life, Humane Society, Paralyzed Veterans of America, etc. We've started using these as "stickers". Many of them are very pretty, and you can either cut off the address portion, or just use them as is. So far, the adhesive has been very friendly, coming off easily even when they end up on cabinets or the dining room table.
A frugal alternative can be found at the dollar store - we bought a box of 1000 stickers for $1!

We use envelopes and junk mail, catalogs, newspaper, etc as paper for Sweetpea to color. We also have several $1 coloring books and occasionally we color on free printables or blank printer paper. If I used construction or printer paper for every artistic creation, we would have gone through several trees by now!

Crafty play:
We use fliers for book clubs, ads for toy stores and the like to cut out pictures of Sweetpea's favorite characters. Then we use these characters to play matching games and create art projects.

What free and frugal craft ideas are working for you? I'd love to hear your ideas!

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Laura said...

Those are all great ideas! My gets a ton of those address labels and lets the girls use them.

CC said...

Cool. The best I can say is that I collect lots of "one side is still blank" paper at work and bring it home for my very artistic son.

Denyse said...

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!
Thanks also for stopping by my place on my special SITS day!

Amanda said...

Thanks for stopping from SITS yesterday!

Those are some great craft ideas.I also let the kiddos play with all of those address stickers that come in the mail!

Mel said...

ok my kids do not get stickers...they stick them to dressers and such...i am a horrible mom but i never got the appeal LOL..

we however do use all kinds of scrap paper for drawing!!

Marva said...

Terrific idea! We do this with free stickers from the mail and also the bought ones from the Dollar Tree.

Have fun! Blessings!

Michelle said...

I do the same thing with stickers....

And when we get home papers from daycare and preschool, they're frequently front-sided only. We use the backs for all sorts of things. And sometimes the wee ones only finish some of the work, so we can finish more of it -- or elaborate on it -- when we need some activities.