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Monday, February 16, 2009

Taking treats to work today...

I always assumed that engineers were more food obsessed at work than most environments, but maybe it's this way everywhere...have a stash of old Halloween candy? Bring it in and watch it disappear before lunch. Try out a new recipe and your family doesn't want to be the guinea pig again? Bring it in - like Mikey in the commercial for Life cereal growing up, my coworkers will try anything.

Following this food obsession, there are a few food related expectations that surprised me when I started working here. Having a birthday? You have to bring the food in to celebrate. (does that make any sense?!) Announcing that you're expecting a baby? Bring in food that is pink and blue.

Does your family or office have any funny traditions like this?

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Marva said...

I do believe congratulations are in order?! If you are that is wonderful! Congratulations! When is the due date? Praying for you all! Blessings, love and hugs!

C. Beth said...

My husband is an engineer, and sometimes I'll bake something really yummy and say, "Want me to send some of this to work with you?" The answer is usually a categorical NO! So maybe another quality of engineers is they don't want to share? :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for coming by my blog.
I have really enjoyed all the great comments and peple I've met being Saucy this week!

We all like to eat at my office as well. I think it is like that anywhere. We have a monthly birthday celebration. If anyone has a birthday that month, the whole office picks one day - everyone brings snacks, and we celebrate all the birthdays on that day.

Thanks again, Steph, for stopping in! Come back anytime!

Ronnica said...

There's only 3 of us in my office, so there's no traditions. No food for anything...if we need food, we go out to eat. That's the joy of working with men.

Oh, and I'm having trouble with your word verification!

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

Thanks, Marva! My due date is August 27. :)

C. Beth, I think that's probably true - I'm not very good with sharing either! {{giggles}}

Ronnica, I've been having trouble periodically with blogger word verification too, sorry about that! I'll see if I can figure out what's going on.

Anonymous said...

No traditions, but when I bake at home I end up sending most of it to my husband's work because I know they can eat it all - and not me! ;-)

Jen said...

My husband is an engineer so I can confirm your comments. When we worked at the same location, I always use to take/dump food in the engineering area.

Having to bring food in on your birthday is crazy. Other people are suppose to do that FOR you.

I did the pink and blue thing when I was expecting, too. And congrats!

Mel said...

CONGRATS!!! I am excited for you!!

Anonymous said...

oooohhhhh MAN!~!

i could just eat up that ENTIRE BATCH of cookies in one sitting.



cici said...

Yumy. they look delicious!!!!!!!