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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Everyday gifts

This morning I'm having trouble getting the cobwebs out, but Sweetpea is up and ready to play! Who can resist a tea party, even if it does come well before dawn... This week I'm off work (yeah!!) and Sweetpea and I will be spending the mornings playing with EmDee before he has to work. There is still plenty of snow for us to play in, but thankfully the roads are finally getting cleared in most places.

Here are a few things from this week's gratitude journal:

*toddler art, prolific and adorable*

*a nice evening with friends, sharing food, catching up, watching our children play*

*big fluffy snowflakes*

*sled rides and snow angels*

*breakfast with family*

*the promise of two weeks off of work to relax and enjoy family*

What are you grateful for this week?

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Mary said...

I'm grateful for my laptop, fabulous phone conversation with an online friend, upcoming writing opps, and of course, for the health of my family! Thanks for sharing and allowing me the chance to share as well.

Marva said...

I am grateful for you and your family! i am grateful for my children's health, a date night with hubby, wonderful parents and a wonderful mother's helper.


Mel said...

What a great list, and wonderful snapshots...i hope you enjoy your time off!!!!

Octamom said...

I love that you are getting some time off to spend with that sweet baby! Enjoy!