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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Haircutting with the toddler set

I have been trying for months now to wait out that awkward hair in the eyes stage that Sweetpea is going through - hoping to make it to the point where we could tuck her hair out of her eyes behind her ear. Not that we have anything against bangs, but they need to be cut somewhat regularly, and I was afraid to go near her face with anything sharp...knowing that she has the capacity to sit still for all of maybe 10 seconds at a time!

If you've seen the Wordless Wednesday pictures today, then you've seen the picture that finally sent me over the edge. We couldn't keep a barrette or pigtail in for any length of time, and poor Sweetpea always looked like she couldn't see where she was going!

I cut EmDee's hair with clippers, and as with most things that mommy and daddy do, Sweetpea wants in on the action. Always before we've pretended to cut her hair. This time I thought, what the heck, maybe I can do a decent job with these clippers, and then I won't have to go wielding a pair of scissors mere millimeters from her eye.

I followed my general strategy for cutting bangs, only this time I trimmed along below my fingers with the trimmer, and it worked perfectly! Not only does it seem safer to me, it was very quick! It definitely works for us...for more tips and tricks, check out Works for Me Wednesday at Rocks in My Dryer.

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Marva said...

Good for you Steph! Post us some pics! Blessings!!!

mommy2twinkies-Deb said...

Oh Steph, she's sooo cute. Reminds me of my photo of Little Man yesterday! You could totally do the "Suri Cruise" haircut on her-that would look cute. (but I'm sure that Katie didn't do it herself!) I've been lucky with Angel. Her hair is curly, so I just pull it back in a little hairbow, and no bangs. You should look at some of my sister's hairbows and clippies. She's at the Hampton Zoo website-I think I've seen you comment there.

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

Hi Marva! I will try to get some good pictures to post from trick or treat, Sweetpea is in that stage where she isn't always so cooperative in front of the camera ;)

I didn't realize you two are sisters! She has the most adorable hair bows. I will look into buying some for Christmas - so far we've had no luck with Sweetpea leaving anything in her hair, but I think she'll get better at that soon. She does kind of have a "Suri Cruise" haircut, I'll try and get it posted soon :)

Jen said...

My daughter wants to grow out her bangs...in theory, this will be good because I get tired of cutting them all the time. But in reality, I think it is going to drive me crazy during the "growing" time when they are hanging in her face all the time! Loved the ice cream beard!