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Friday, October 31, 2008

Kreativity and Six Favorites

Thanks to Snickerdoodles and Jen @ Sabbatical Mom for this fun award! Both of these blogs are very kreatively designed, so I thought I would make a point to pass this on to fellow bloggers who have either a particularly "Kreativ" blog design or "Kreativ" ideas that inspire me. The reciever of this award must list six things that makes her happy and then pass the award on to six other people. I've been a bit stressed and blue this week, so it's the perfect time to reflect on what makes me happy!

1. My sweet loving family - there is nothing that makes me smile faster than walking in the house to greet EmDee and catch Sweetpea as she throws herself into my arms yelling "mommy, Mommy, MOMMY!"

2. The beauty all around us this time of year - striking sunrises, rich sunsets, a rainbow of leaves.

3. Crisp mornings snuggled up under a blanket before anyone else is up, a few minutes of quiet reflection.

4. The promise of the coming holidays, family, friends, and lots of love.

5. Living near my grandparents and mom, close enough to visit whenever we want.

6. The bloggy buds I've met over the past three months.

I would like to send this award to the following friends:

1. Elle at Sometimes a Girl Needs a Blog, whose blog design is totally Kreativ
2. Sandra at Family Corner, whose blog makes me feel at home whenever I visit
3. Lee Ann at Mommy's Wish List, who is always coming up with creative ways to get a great deal
4. Marva at Blessed Frugalness Times Two with Twins, who is incredibly creative in the kitchen
5. Martha at Menagerie who takes fabulous photos and is a whiz in the kitchen
6. My blogging bud Octamom whose photography and prose are always inspiring me

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Martha said...

How cool and the best compliments ever! :-) Thank you so much!!

I love the photos you've posted in your last few entries! Looks like you are having a fun fall so far!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

ooooooh, congrats on the award!

I love being up in the morning before anyone else, too. Best time of the day!

Just me said...

Thank you Steph! For having such a great blog to read! I love your happiness list:)

Lea Ann said...

Thanks Steph! I'm verklempt. I knew that someday that BFA in Kreativity would pay off.
ps. Still addicted to your cherry cobbler.

Living Balanced said...

Way to go on the Kreativ Blog award!

Martha said...

I finally posted and passed on the award you gave me - I left you a new award too :-)

Materi Kimia SMA said...

i love that