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Monday, October 13, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Last week’s menu was pretty much a complete loss. At some point I really want to try the bachelor beef, but I'm thinking maybe next week. This week we have a lot going on, and I’m going to take full advantage of the pork we had in the freezer and my slow cooker! For lunches this week, I’m going to stick with soup and salad. EmDee made some fabulous lettuce wrap filling toward the end of last week that I’ll post about when I get a chance. We’re starting the week of with that!

Monday – lettuce wraps, cottage cheese and beets
Tuesday – pulled pork, mashed potatoes and peas
Wednesday – hot and blue pork and oven fries
Thursday – BBQ pulled pork sandwiches and baked beans
Friday – leftovers at the football game

I'll get the hot and blue pork recipe posted next week, it's one I know by heart, but to write it down we're probably all better of for me to write while I'm doing!

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Martha said...

Looks yummy! I've seen that pulled pork all over MPM. I had pork roast on the menu for this Tuesday - maybe I'll try the pulled pork instead! :-)

Elle Charlie said...

I've been all about the pulled pork lately (for mass company). The lettuce wraps sound like a great idea - my husband LOVES those.