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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Friday Night Lights

For years now, fall and football season have gone hand in hand. This is big T's senior year, and while we've all been enjoying his success this season, it is somewhat bittersweet...soon the rhythm of things will shift, big T may not be so near to us, a new season in our lives will be upon us.

Sweetpea and I have made it to any games within reasonable driving distance. Last week was a particularly beautiful night.

Isn't the sky amazing? In every direction, the clouds were magnificent.

EmDee asked me why I was taking random photos - um, are we looking at the same thing?

Big T's littlest fan - go Blue!
Dancing to the band at halftime...

Victorious posing, post game...we will surely miss this!

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Just me said...

What great pictures! I especially love the picture of your little one dancing at halftime;) Really cute!

ryan said...

What beautiful pictures- we are going to have to do that with the kids sometime! Thanks for the idea!