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Sunday, October 12, 2008

So much to be grateful for

As there continues to be unsettling information on the news each day, I find myself focusing more on things I can control. I am excited and grateful that we have a lot of frugal fun planned for the next few months at the problem solvin house.

I've spent a lot of time thinking about what we should be doing to ensure our money is working for us, while keeping it as "safe" as possible given the current market turmoil. The hardships many people are facing remind me of the importance of giving, and I am committed to giving as much as we usually do, if not more this year. I feel blessed that we are in a position to be able to give.

We walked to the trees in our backyard this past week and spent an hour or so playing in the leaves. It was so much fun watching Sweetpea run back and forth, stacking leaves into a pile and then burrowing in, covering herself...jumping back up and throwing leaves into the air. It is so refreshing to watch a child discover new things, to view the world through your child's eyes!

And then, after all that fun, a few steps to the south to watch the sun set over our neighbor's pond...to be surrounded by such quiet beauty with daughter snuggled in my arms is a memory I will not soon forget!
What are you grateful for this week?

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Elle Charlie said...

This week I am grateful for my husband, our health, and the overall good health of our family.

What a great day you and Sweetpea had! It sounds like one of those days you always remember :) Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures!

monica said...

Lately I have been thinking of all of the things we (or I) tend to take for granted. Such as washers and dryers, furniture, a place to sleep, a roof over our head.

HeatherPride said...

Look at that precious little girl!!! And gorgeous sunset, it made me all warm and fuzzy and I'm sitting here at work!!

Just me said...

Those are such neat pictures!

I'm grateful that it's still fall and the snow isn't piled high on our roof and we don't have to shovel it off yet.

Laura said...

LOVE those pictures! And you're right, there are so many things that are NOT out of control...the most important ones. Thank you God!

Elizabeth said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures! I just love autumn.