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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Are you planning to give back to your community this season?

The holiday season always strikes me as a natural time to give back to the community. Each year we plan a few charitable activities in advance, and then participate in others as they come up and we're available.

I love the idea of the MomAdvice Big Give, and we plan to send a care package with some of the most needed items for her community. I encourage you to stop over and see what she has planned, and while you're there, check out the inspiring posts others have linked to her site.

On a personal level, here are the activities we have planned for our family.

I've been collecting stuffed animals throughout the year, largely found on clearance after holidays like Valentine's day and Easter. We are going to donate them to the children at the battered women's shelter in our area. I volunteered with the kids at the battered women's shelter in college - they are such a sweet bunch of kids, it is heartbreaking to know what they are going through in their young lives.

We will donate at least one item each grocery visit during November and December for the food pantry.

I have gone through my closet and will be donating 2 bags of business clothing to a local organization that assists disadvantaged women with the support they need to enter the workplace. Part of the program delivers training, there is counseling available and the clothes that are donated are given to these women so they can dress appropriately for their new positions.

I'm co-sponsoring 2 big fundraiser events at work - a pancake breakfast and a "guess that baby picture" contest. The main charities are the American Heart Association and the Arthritis Foundation. We take a portion of the proceeds each year and give to a third charity that we choose as a group. In this past our "extra" money has gone to Katrina assistance and the food pantry. I love that I work with an incredibly generous group of people, each year I am overwhelmed by the amount we raise.

I would love to hear what you are planning to give back to the community this holiday season!

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1 comment:

Marva said...

That is wonderful Steph! We do some things each yuear too and cannot wait to get the boys involved this year, as they are finally getting big enough to start to understand some things.

I hope to get my post up soon and link to Amy's site as well.