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Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Funnies - Quirky Much?

*Updated* A la Octamom, I kept thinking of quirky traits after having trouble getting started with my list! I've added 2 more at the bottom... (9 total) {{gasp}}

I got tagged for a Quirkiness MeMe by Christina from Life in a Hampton Zoo and Marva from Blessed Frugalness Times Two with Twins and Ohana Mama. I love these blogs, and have really enjoyed reading everyone's quirky habits! Since this has the potential to be either funny or incredibly boring, I thought it would make a good post for Friday Funnies...you'll have to get back to me (when you wake up) if that was a bad idea!

1. I have a million and one nicknames for my daughter. I try to be more consistent now that she's starting to understand me, but I struggle with it. This is something my Dad did growing up, so it's my most sentimental quirky habit.

2. Along those same lines, when I'm talking about someone random, I call them "Ed". My husband does this and it totally wore off on me. It gets particularly confusing when I am talking to my coworker whose husband's name is Ed... I can tell this one needs an example. If the guy next to me on the highway is drifting into my lane on my way to work, I'll say, "Hey Ed, get in your lane!" Sounds nicer than bozo, right?

3. I actively seek out opportunities to support girls, through my engineering sorority, Rosie's Girls, Talking to girls about math and science, etc. I think it's important, and it's something I'm truly passionate about, and yet, I have this strange obsession with The Girls Next Door. (Mom, don't click on this at work!) Hugh's girls are not doing much if anything to empower women, and I totally disagree with everything about the situation. I started watching when I was on maternity leave and up in the middle of the night nursing. There would be nothing else on. I would see it as I was channel surfing...it's kind of like watching a train wreck. EmDee thought for sure I would hate it, and there are some episodes I just can't watch, but for the most part - kind of endearing. Who knew?! I feel I should throw this disclaimer in - I don't watch it anymore unless I can't sleep and Jon & Kate + 8 isn't on!

4. I can't stand letting my fingernails get long - I much prefer them cut short. This may have to do with the fact that I don't have very strong nails and if they get too long they tend to break or snag. When I see my hands in pictures I always think, "check out those man hands!"

5. I have a 5 minute or less makeup rule, but a huge collection of makeup. I think it's my innate love of sleep that drives me to be so streamlined in the mornings. It was this desire for efficiency that lead me to my love affair with Bare Minerals, and to my Fairly Light foundation I will always be true. This doesn't keep me from a drawer full of lip and eye products, however...thankfully, ELF supports my habit quite frugally with their fabulous $1 products!

6. I love to eat what most people consider lunch or dinner food for breakfast. I didn't think this was quirky until my coworkers started kidding me about it. My favorite option? Cold leftover chinese takeout. Other good choices? Cold pizza, cold corn on the cob, slices of bell pepper and celery. This does not seem as strange to me as the breakfast I got served when I went to the cafeteria on a business trip to our S. Korean office - kim chee and hot soup with half a fish floating in it...I just couldn't taste the soup with that little guy (or girl) staring back at me! And kim chee? Love the stuff, but not before noon. That morning I settled for black beans and rice.

7. I love tonic water. It's even better with a little vodka, but for the past 2+ years I've been drinking it mostly with just a slice of lime. Aaaaaah, now that's refreshing!

8. When using bar soap, I have to clean it off and make sure there aren't any bubbles on it when I'm done.

9. I love to watch The Food Network while I'm eating dinner...

Now for the rules...

I am usually where tags go to die, but I'm going to go ahead and pass this one along. Admittedly, I'm still breaking the rules. If any of you fun ladies have time for this, I'd love to hear your quirky habits!

Happy Friday, have a great weekend!!

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Octamom said...

There's always still more to learn about my Steph! Fun list!! I may have to go eat some cold pizza or a loaded baked potato or something for breakfast in your honor ;o)


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh, I am the same way about Girls Next Door!! Shhh!


Sandra said...

LOl I'm the same way with my nails. Before marriage and kids I had long nails, now I can't handle seeing them long, they break and chip so I'm always cutting them.

HeatherPride said...

I totally laughed out loud at the Korean breakfast soup! That is so typical, not because I know first hand but because my dad lived in S. Korea for a year and he tells these stories, too! Funny!

Thanks for the shout, Ed! (heh heh) (I know you're really Steph but I couldn't resist)

Mom2Girls said...

Great List...it's harder then I thought :)

Oh I totally remember those late nights after the little one was born being sucked in by the girls next door...I keep thinking *why am I watching this* but then didn't stop, LOL!!

Elle Charlie said...

I watch The Girls Next Door too! It's bizarre - but I do. I think they're so sweet to one another. I know it's horrible - the whole objectification of women thing - but I can't help it. At least I don't TiVo it - I only watch it if I happen past it.

Elle Charlie said...

I like your quirk about lunch/dinner foods for breakfast - how funny!

Anonymous said...

i'm just here visiting but i wanted to tell you THAT was a very funny post!!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with eating "lunch" for breakfast!!! I am SOOO like that too! : )