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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Mom's Work is Never Done!

I'm here to tell you, I have a wonderful mother. I'm 32, she still takes wonderful care of me. I had outpatient surgery today, and she was right there, taking the day off, ferrying Sweetpea to daycare and waiting at the hospital for me until I woke up and was able to head home...then she picked up my prescription painkillers and made my lunch! At four we picked up Sweetpea and, since EmDee is working last twelve hours this week, she brought us back to her house to spend the night. Normally, an overnight would be a nice enjoyable visit. My anesthesia this morning means I can't nurse tonight, and Sweetpea is putting on a marathon protest session. The poor little thing knows what she wants, and doesn't understand why all of a sudden mommy can't give it to her. Milk in a sippy cup just won't do, from either me or her Gram. It's breaking my heart!
It truly is a blessing though, to live near to my wonderful family!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I loved that my mom happened to be in town when I got sick and was ordered to the ER by my doctor. It was great having her around to not only help me but to pick up Princess from day care and keep her occupied and amused as I rested and recovered.

Grandma is much better than the TV babysitter.