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Friday, July 25, 2008

Ah, Nature

I was gazing out a window this morning, enjoying the early morning light and my first cup of coffee when I noticed a huge doe standing in my backyard. What a gorgeous creature, I thought, as I took a sip of joe...hey, wait a minute. Honey, did you just take a bite of my tomato?!? As much trouble as we've had getting our plants to grow in the crazy weather this year, I hurried out to shoo away the beautiful deer. Hey, go find something else to eat, Honey! Shoo!! She looked at me like, Lady, are you crazy? This is fine quality produce I'm helping myself to here. So at this point I have to go in and wake up my dog (some guard dog!) from the porch. Upon pointing him in the right direction (okay, I guess I had just woken him up, but sheesh) he proceeded to do his little deer dance, running around from one side of the fence to the other with his fur standing up, jumping in the corners and barking. That did the trick, our sweet friend finally high tailed it out of here, I assume to find someplace a bit quieter to have breakfast!

Have a wonderful Friday, and a great start to the weekend!

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