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Thursday, July 24, 2008

At least I had the shoes going for me!

So today was one of those days...I had some byopsies done on Tuesday as outpatient surgery, and was off work yesterday as well. I three spots taken off my head and one from my bellybutton, making my hair a real work of art and restricting me to lifting less than 20lbs for a week. Sweetpea weighs in at 22lbs, which is causing a real problem for the both of us! She just doesn't understand why Mommy can't pick her up, and I am not feeling well and am getting frustrated at my inability to handle this well-UGH! To make things even more interesting, EmDee is scheduled for nights and overtime this week, so we will literally not be in the house at the same time until Monday. My stomach is sore, and I don't want anything touching my bellybutton, so I'm wearing maternity pants...not a real morale booster there since I'm not pregnant! Before I start annoying even myself with this whining, I'll finish with this--at least I was wearing cute shoes!!

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