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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fun and Frugal Craft Idea - for the monster lover or fasionista in your life

I received an email from Sprout (by PBS Kids) the other day, and wondered how I got on their mailing list. Most likely it was some great freebie I signed up for through Heather's website. Anyway, I clicked in and was pleasantly surprised that I was actually interested in the contents of the newsletter. They had an adorable craft highlighted - making dinosaur feet! Sweetpea isn't so much into dinosaurs or monsters yet, but BOY IS SHE INTO SHOES! I'm guessing she gets that honestly. ahem.

So of course I clicked on the link to check out this adorable craft and found it was so simple I thought Sweepea would even be able to help make them! This craft is very easy and incredibly affordable - you likely have everything you need in your home, and if not, the materials are not expensive. I made the "feet" last night, and then had Sweetpea help decorate them with a few stickers. Here is a quick tutorial on how to make some dinosaur feet yourself:

Assemble necessary tools

2 tissue boxes
construction paper
stickers or glitter if desired, to decorate
glue or tape

The sprout site actually says to use markers to decorate the boxes like feet. If you were thinking of doing this craft when you bought the boxes, this might be a reasonable request. My boxes were not going to look like feet with just markers, am I right?

To fix this problem, I used construction paper to cover the top and sides of my boxes. Quick and easy, as I wasn't concerned with it looking perfect. I did leave most of the top uncovered, as you can see.

Now to add a few extra decorations to the top, and most importantly, THE TOENAILS!

Voila! What - don't you think dinosaur feet look like this? Okay, I'll take that under advisement for next time... So, next morning Sweetpea got to put the finishing touches on - some stickers. She had a lot of fun with this, positioning and repositioning...endless fun.

Hey, what is that on your chest?

Aha! Apparently she felt her pj's needed a little something extra. A real fashionista I have here!

Then came the time to try them on. I was shocked, she really didn't want to! Instead, she had a lot of fun stacking and unstacking them and moving the tissue from one box to another (I had boxes that were half full and figured that would help hold her feet in)

At this point, we went to Gram's to swim. Upon our return, the feet weren't so scary, and Sweetpea tried them on. She couldn't stand up in them, though, she kept doing the splits.

As you can see, her knee had an unfortunate encounter with the concrete at the pool...we're still working on understanding the word, "walk"!

I will definitely pull this craft out again, probably in about 6 months when I think she might be able to walk around like a "Dinosaur" in her big shoes!

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Heather Hernandez said...

Great craft! Wish we had kleenex boxes that size - my boys are totally into trying on shoes right now!

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

The kroger brand of kleenex that size has been 88 cents the past few weeks if you want to make some! Sweetpea is totally into trying on shoes too!

Anonymous said...

I love projects that keep the little ones busy! Very creative!

carrhop said...

So cute--I'm going to pull this idea out on the next rainy day!

Renee said...

That's a cute idea. My nephew would have LOVED it a couple of years ago when he was completely dino-obsessed.

And belated thanks for visiting my blog last week and commenting! I wanted to tell you about the carrot potato pancakes but I ended up not making them. I had a recipe though from Vegetarian Times which is what I'll use if and when I ever do make them.

Mrs. Sprinkles said...

That looks cute--my daughter would love that!

Jen said...

What an adorable project - I'll have to file this away for a winter activity.

Mozi Esme said...

Very cute! I'm wishing we had Kleenex boxes around here now. Maybe cereal boxes would work (with a little help)?

Unknown said...

At my kids kinder in winter they have snowy day and make skis from tissues boxes which is kind of similar. You can see it here:


Katey said...

Very cute and great way to recycle kleenex boxes! This would make a great link for twice-the-fun-tuesdays at havingfunathomeblog.blogspot.com