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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The diaper dilemma continues

I've written just about everywhere but here (okay, only 2 places) about P&G and the giant breech of trust they pulled recently with the Pampers cruisers design. I can see there have been several searches here for diapers and cruisers, so maybe it's time to bring it up here as well.

In case you're a loyal cruisers buyer and you don't know what I'm talking about, the design has gone through a major overhaul (aka downgrade). In case your wondering how Pampers has been responding to loyal customers that have called and complained, I've talked a little about it here. I'm still looking for a suitable replacement, as we've sworn off P&G diapers, (cruisers, baby dry, luvs) and I'm considering boycotting the rest of P&G products as well. They have proved to me that I can't count on the quality of their products from purchase to purchase, as they are willing to redesign a product without so much as a mention in the small print on the package.

I'm still not sure what diapers we will end up using now, as I was so in love with the old cruisers design. During the day we're using CVS supreme diapers and at night we've been using Huggies overnights. I hate paying a super-premium for good overnight protection. We went cloth for trainers with Sweetpea, and I'm back on the fence wondering if I want to go with cloth diapers for Sugar Plum. Any suggestions/stories?

In the meantime, I know I swore off P&G above, and I really do mean it...but I made a discovery that might help some of you looking for the old style. I've heard conflicting reports as to whether swaddlers will be moving to the new design or not - as best I can tell they won't be changing over as quickly. I was told by someone at P&G that swaddlers size 2-3 are the same size as cruisers 3. Since Sugar Plum is a size 3, I picked up a swaddlers 2-3 today and looked at it. In the fine print along one side I saw some magic words - "absorb away mesh liner"! They were on sale, and I had a coupon for nearly half off, so I walked away with a jumbo pack, and the love affair continues, if only for 30 more diapers.

So through all that rambling, what was my point? Until now I'd never seen anything indicating whether the cruisers diapers were an old or new design. If you are still using swaddlers, you can look on the edges of the package - if the diapers have the old design, the description will include "absorb away mesh liner" on one side. The cruisers diapers have all changed to the new design as of March 1, 2010.

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Nina said...

I've only used huggies for my guy. I tried pampers and he got very red legs from the ruffles along the edges and I don't like that, figuring it hurt. he wanted to wear them as they had elmo on them but I nixed them. I am just not into cloth remembering the horror of cloth 30 years ago with my little sister (especially when she ate raisins :x)

T with Honey said...

This isn't the first time. Pampers redesigned the Cruisers without any notice or warning, just a new picture of Elmo when Princess was a toddler. She had an allergic reaction to them and I was sent scrambling to find new diapers.
Because of that I stuck with Huggies for Squirt.

We find Huggies Snug & Dry to work pretty good on our boy (girls, not as well) and can find them at a price point of 19 cents/diaper or less at Target before any coupons.

The other diapers we've tried:
Up & Up (Target)- my cousin and I had the same problem where they would FALL OFF THE BABY!
Berkley & Jensen (BJs) - had some leakage but not too bad
Fisher-Price (Babys R Us) - nice but not as nice a price

Good luck!

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

I've experienced this with P&G too. Not with diapers but with their dog food. They wanted to give me an Iams dog food sample at a dog event. I told them that I wanted to support their company since it's made in Ohio but my dog has corn & wheat allergies and both are in almost all of their dog foods. The woman challenged me on this. The gist of the conversation was if it wasn't diagnosed by my vet I was wrong that eating food with corn & wheat in it was making my dog scratch himself bald and that I should buy their product. It's pretty upsetting when a company asks for your opinion and when you tell them something they don't want to hear about their product, that they tell you that the reason you feel that way is because you're wrong.