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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A very amusing day!

It was overcast and spotty rain was headed our way, a bit humid but not too hot with a nice breeze...the perfect day to hit the local amusement park! As a local, the "best" days are the ones that don't appear so great - better for keeping the crowds down and the lines short! We all packed up after nap and headed down the road with high hopes, and I really don't think the day could have turned out any better.

Sweetpea was just tall enough to ride a few extra rides this year! Thankfully this one had a nice tight seat belt to keep her in place...I will admit Mom was white knuckling it for a bit here...

This is the Monster, a classic from my childhood, and somehow there is no height requirement with a "responsible adult". You can see EmDee in the center of the photo, Sweetpea wasn't tall enough to see out but still it was her favorite ride of the day.

EmDee was a good sport to cram himself down into this coaster - with an 8 foot hill and only two laps around it was a bit anticlimactic, but Sweetpea didn't seem to mind. I love how this photo turned out, with the front of the coaster out of focus as it rounds the corner.

We even hit the water park for a half hour or so to cool off. I took this photo because I thought Sweetpea's little footprints were just adorable. Clearly with her diaper she was a lot leakier than Daddy was!
I'm so glad the weather held enough for us to make the trip. The lines were almost nonexistent, and Sweetpea's favorite ride was so empty that the operator let her stay in her seat ride after ride instead of running around to the entrance each time. We bought a 2 day special pass, so we have one more visit to look forward to!

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Jen said...

Aw, what great pictures - sounds like a wonderful day. And I can't ride the Monster ride anymore...apparently my motion sickness has gotten much worse with age! By the time I hit Grandma age I probably won't even be able to ride in a car to the grocery store.

Mel said...

Love the photo with the footprints, so sweet....

C. Beth said...

Totally sweet! Sounds like a perfect day to go to an amusement park.