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Monday, June 22, 2009

Menu Planning from the Freezer (and Pantry)

This week is mainly going to be an eating out of the freezer and pantry week, to clear things out before we go on vacation and make room for a stockpile for those first bleary new baby weeks. You might notice it seems a bit like a hodgepodge...that's because it pretty much is! Big T and I both have birthdays this week - with everyone's schedules we will be celebrating on Saturday. Here's what we have on the menu this week:

Monday: Turkey breast, mashed potatoes and biscuits
Tuesday: steak and veggie stirfry over rice
Wednesday: Brats with peppers and onions and oven fries
Thursday: Turkey hot shots
Friday: sweet potato banana pancakes and fruit smoothies

I'll also be making turkey and rice soup for the freezer this week, as well as a couple of key lime pies (in keeping with my need to bring a birthday offering to work...) and Sweetpea and I will be baking some oatmeal cranberry chip cookies to take on vacation with us!

What are your menu plans for the week? If you're looking for inspiration, check out OrgJunkie for lots of ideas!

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Martha said...

I have been SO bad about cooking and meal planning lately! Hopefully now that I'm on summer break I can get myself organized again. Early happy birthdays just in case in miss the actual days! By the way, what are turkey hot shots?! I hope all is well in your world :-)

Bonnie Bonsai said...

I don't cook as much as you do because am alone. The only time I cook big is when my youngest daughter and occasionally my eldest come to visit me.

Your meal plan is excellent. Perhaps, you can try this recipe given a chance. Alas, this recipe is only ideal for winter as we are now in.

Hot Chicken-Rice Pot