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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Overall it was a mixed week!

This was one of those weeks where I relied heavily on my gratitude list, those sweet baby kicks and my daughter's enthusiasm to keep me smiling. First my camera memory card somehow lost all its pictures. Most of the ones I hadn't saved were specifically for blog posts, so at least there weren't any family pictures I hadn't saved to my computer. Then on Friday half of our facility was let go (as planned for our closure) and it was so hard to say goodbye to so many friends, and to really see this closure starting to become real. Then Friday night my home computer refused to boot up...I'm getting a stop error and nothing I've done so far to troubleshoot has worked. Remember those pictures I lost off my camera memory card? The ones I was glad were on my computer. Yeah. That's the computer that won't boot up. And the totally adorable picture from our little trip south a few weeks ago, my very favorite? I was going to post that today but it is one of the ones I may have lost...

On the upside, I have this upcoming week off of work because my daycare provider is taking vacation. The weather has been pretty nice and the forecasts for this coming week are good. EmDee is off on Monday and Tuesday, and we are planning a trip to our local amusement park one of those days after Sweetpea's nap. Everyone is healthy. Since I was off this coming week I brought my work laptop home just in case I needed to use it - thank goodness since it's the only one functioning right now! My neighbor finally mowed the grass (more on that to come in another blog post).

Here are a few other things from my gratitude list this week:

*Making Sweetpea laugh so hard she snorts*

*Finding the perfect Father's Day gift for EmDee - he is ridiculously hard to buy for!*

*Chasing fireflies with a toddler*

*An amazing amount of strawberries set on our brand new plants - so exciting!*

*The hail storms spared our garden - amazing considering one was short but with quarter and dime sized hail and the other was 20+ minutes and covered our yard in pea sized pieces.*

*I love my OB, she is the sweetest and most caring person, and I'm lucky to be her patient.*

What are you grateful for this week?

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Carrie said...

Do you do anything to keep critters away from your strawberries? So far ours have been picked off as they ripen, probably by squirrels. I sprayed with anti-animal scent but no use.

Octamom said...

So hoping that your hard drive can be salvaged and your pics saved!!!

Hoping this is a great week for you and Sweetpea--enjoy!


deb said...

kudos to you for finding the grace in all the frustration