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Thursday, June 4, 2009

30 second magic wand tutorial

Sweetpea is such a fun combination of girly girl and tomboy so far...her favorite place to play is outside, either in the water basin we use as a staging station for watering the garden or in the dirt of our front flower bed. That said, she's equally at ease twirling in her princess dress and hop skipping around in a pair of fairy wings. I've been working on her dress up wardrobe little by little at garage sales and the dollar store and even from my closet!

What other accessory does the budding princess need, aside from a tutu, a pair of wings, a twirly dress and a crown? A magic wand, you say? But of course! For those of us with little ones that are still pretty rough on their toys, I give you super simple instructions for a 30 second magic wand:

1 colorful straw
2 equal sized stickers
Place stickers at the top of straw opposite each other, sticky sides together.

Sweetpea spent an hour running around the house with her twirly dress saying "Ta Da!" and waving her little wand this evening. If it gets mangled, just whip up a new one. I've seen some fantastic tutorials for making intricate magic wands, and someday we'll get there, but for now, this is doing the trick!

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Shelly said...

My girls love magic wands, too. Usually I just put stickers on a pretty pencil and they have a blast with it!

Allie said...

I love it- so simple and perfect for toddlers!

Brooke said...

Such a cute, simple idea! All things we have in the house, that's for sure :)

Amy said...

I found an inexpensive one at Target that seems to handle Emily's horrible abuse to it. She is a mean spell caster though. She gets a grimace on her face when she throws her frog spells my way :) You gotta love that!!

Monica said...

I think homemade toys are the best. Kman makes so many toys out of what looks like trash to us, but boy does it keep him entertained for hours!

Just me said...

That's great! I love making fun things with items we already have around the house!

I love how SweetPea just kept playing and playing with it! Cute!