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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday

Sweetpea has been teething like crazy lately, breaking molars in left and right. She will chew on anything and everything, so watch your fingers if you come to our house! I feel awful for her, but she doesn't seem interested in teething rings, and she enjoys a cold wet washcloth for awhile, but it doesn't seem to give her the relief she's looking for. I've come up with 2 solutions that seem to work pretty well:

1) I fill her solid food feeder full of ice chips. She has become a huge fan of ice chips, and this allows me to pack it full so she can gnaw to her hearts content for a good 5 minutes before everything is melted. She goes to the refrigerator now and looks up toward the freezer and says, "Ice"

2) For something a little different I made Popsicles from unsweetened applesauce. I just spooned the applesauce in and froze it overnight. They are a little more difficult to extract, so I usually run them under hot water to loosen things up a bit. Sweetpea gets one of these after dinner while still in her highchair, because the ARE messy. The other thing she struggled with was how to hold the Popsicle, she kept trying to hold the frozen part and she'd get frustrated when her hands got cold...so now she wears her little mittens when she eats these! I just throw them in the wash when she's done.

Do you have any other suggestions for teething? I think we will be going through this for a while longer, so if you've got them, please send them my way! And, for more great WFMW posts, check out Rocks In My Dryer.

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Tricia said...

I read yesterday about toxins in plastic used in teethers. Your suggestions are nice alternatives to the store-bought items.

mommy2twinkies-Deb said...

Hi. I've recently started reading your blog and I really enjoy it. I just want to let you know that I sent you the Brillante Weblog Award.

Gill said...

I lovethe ideas you have for teething!
Another way is to freeze suger free jelly (US - Jello i tink!) into ice cube trays. Small enough to handle with a bit of flavour!
My kids also used to like chewing on (wait for it...) a toothbrush!! It was a genious idea from my hubby and they loved it! And when the time came i had absolutely no problems ever brushing their teeth! And it can go in the freezer!!
Whatever works is really the ay to go. Bless her heart, teething sucks for everyone!
hope it eases soon.

Nichole said...

Those are great ideas. Thanks for sharing!

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

Tricia, thanks! I hate that we keep hearing how so many things aren't as safe as we take them for granted to be...terribly scary!!

Hi Deb! Why thank you!! :) I will be sure to put it in a prestigious place on my sidebar!

Gill, I LOVE the toothbrush idea! We will definitely have to try that, and the jello.

Thanks Nichole!

Emily Kate said...

My grandma used to give kids regular ol' little freezies when they were teething. Not opened of course, just the freezie in the plastic to gum. It worked in a pinch. : )